Detailing Services

Our training program produces technicians that are focused on addressing every stain, blemish, smudge-efficiently-while explaining processes and expected mitigation times, so confusion is minimized and expectation is maximized.




The parent companies of Positivity Mobile Detailing are Wynter Consultants, LLC, a for profit consultancy, and Global African Community Education Development, a nonprofit focused on underserved communities. The partnership formed in 2013 to create entrepreneurship training for minority boys and girls.

Regardless of economic structure, venture access and marketing promotes community growth and fosters more just and equitable resolutions to society’s most persistent problems. By exposing apprentices to low-capital business models that require scaled and skilled up, GACED’s Level 1 Boot Camp shows apprentices how to traverse a variety of operational challenges, so more sophisticated ones might be endeavored. See for more information on how it works.